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Saturday, 15 March 2014

Honest SaleHoo Review make more profits selling at ebay and other

If you’re looking for a SaleHoo Review that is honest and detailed you’ve come to the right place. I have been member of SaleHoo for over four years now. I’ve been an eBay Powerseller, a reseller on Amazon and also develop eCommerce sites. I love the thrill of finding great deals and then being able to resell those products for a nice profit!

I could spend a ton of time talking about the merits of eBay vs Amazon and the pros and cons of those two sites along.  But instead, I really want to keep this focused on SaleHoo and the pros and cons of their membership site.I remember when I first started selling on eBay, I was really just finding random things around the house.

For me personally, there was something very exciting about being able to sell something online in an auction style format and to see what it could sell for.  And then being fanatical about customer service, I loved trying to do everything I could to give my buyers an incredible experience.  I remember thinking how cool it would be to be a Powerseller on eBay and in my mind, this title was like having celebrity status!  Then as time went on, Amazon became a bigger and bigger player to the point where they are also a popular place now to try and resell merchandise.

Unlike others, salehoo doesn’t sell products on how to drop ship, rather they provide you with a huge list of directory with thousands of suppliers in it.They have gone through the effort to screen each of the over 8,000 suppliers to ensure you are only dealing with real wholesalers who are willing to do business with you.

They have over 1.5million products and that number keeps increasing each and every single day. Basically whether you are an ebay seller or a small business person you will find suppliers who are ready to do business with you.

My advice is to take the honest way to making a buck.  And for me, that’s where SaleHoo came in.  I started researching different wholesale directories and they seemed like a good choice.  I really liked that they had a “60 Day Money Back Guaratee” which gave me a lot of peace of mind.  I read a lot of the testimonies and reviews and eventually decided to give them a try.

And just to give you a little background about SaleHoo, it’s a company that Mark Ling started.  When I first joined SaleHoo I really didn’t know much about him or what he is all about.  Sine then I can say that he is one of the more upstanding, honest marketers that I have come across.  There are lot of snakes out there in the internet marketing world but Mark Link is one of the few that I feel truly tries to create value for people in an honest and ethical manner.

But not knowing all this when I joined, I decided to go ahead and take the plunge.  I signed up and was excited to see what kind of prosperous future as a re-seller awaited me.  My goal in signing up through SaleHoo was to find a company (or several if possible) that I could purchase products from on a regular and consistent basis that I could make a decent profit from.   Shortly after signing up I also started writing reviews of the different companies within the membership directory.   I have now contacted over 900 companies and even rated each of them on a scale of 1-5.  After talking to that many companies I’d definitely gotten a better sense of different ways to approach trying to become a reseller.  So I’d like to not only touch on the pros and cons of SaleHoo, but also being a reseller in general and try to provide some helpful tips.


Of course it wasn't just by providing actual wholesalers that SaleHoo helped me become a Top-Rated seller (though that was a big part of it, no doubt). They also themselves provided assistance around the clock. More than that, people who had already started using SaleHoo's services were available for advice in the forums. The site and its costumers provided me with invaluable support as I began my business in wholesale selling.

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